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 Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Rules and Regulations I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 16, 2008 1:22 am

Don't think you can wreck havoc in my forums, there are rules as well...

1) NO SILLY SPAMMING. What's a spam? A post which is completely useless, eg. a post with nothing else but 'lol'. If I consider a post as a spam, I will delete it right away without notice.

2) POST SOMETHING USEFUL AND INTERESTING. Don't post crap just to increase your post count, having a high post count can be appealing, but having posted a thousand of useless posts is nothing to be glorified at.

3) DON'T POST ILLEGAL STUFF. No copyrighted mp3, no cracked games, no virus and trojans. This forum is not for you to corrupt with such inhuman deeds.

4) NO FLAMING AND INSULTING OTHER MEMBERS. If you are unhappy with someone, please, solve it peacefully in MSN or PM, don't drag it into the forums.

5) NO BAD PICS. Don't post ecchi, hentai, pr0n etc. Many of us are underage, including me (koff koff). Don't post something too bloody as well, to prevent someone having nightmares just because they clicked on some nasty pic in here.

6) THE SIGNATURES SHOULDN'T EXCEED THE SIZE LIMIT!! Which is the same as other Forums, 600px in width and 150px in height. I don't want to see a freaking huge siggy causing serious lag in my forums.

7) NEVER EDIT A MOD'S EDIT. Mods edit your post for a reason, don't delete what they said, it's very rude, you know? It's okay to add some of your comments like "oh okay i won't do that again" to the edited post, but never, ever, delete what a mod wrote in your post.

Not much, not as lengthy as the one in other Forums, but still, violating any of these rules will result in a warning and if serious, a ban. So behave, guys!!

PS: Don't think I am a bad person after looking this.
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Rules and Regulations
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